We are the future of Fashionology. The PULS is more than a smartwatch, it’s a computer on your wrist - revolutionary and truly mobile. Call your friends, send messages, access your music library and more - all by using voice commands. Experience digital freedom.


The PULS operates as a fully functional phone without being tethered to another device. It connects you with your world while making a statement. Leave your smartphone at home and use your PULS when you are out living your life. It is an accessory like no other.

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Get notified of important events as they happen. Missed calls, emails, messages and more. Information is delivered in the form of cards. Act on these cards immediately by swiping left or right. Swiping left or right of the cards will let you reply, dismiss or delete them. Stay connected to the moments that matter most to you.

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AneedA is an intelligent voice-enabled personal assistant. She's authentic, edgy and smart. She’s your concierge, accomplice and guide. She understands that time is important to you. Just ask.